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ADCO Consulting is committed to giving our clients the best consulting services available by providing them with the necessary information to develop informed, practical and effective solutions.

We uncover this information through detailed investigations, a proactive approach and by remaining adaptable.

At ADCO, we strive daily to build long-lasting trusting relationships with not only our clients but with all those around us.


ADCO Consulting, is headquartered in Riyadh, KSA and was formed in 2005 when sister company Delta Construction, which specializes in remediation of existing residential and commercial buildings, recognized the demand for servicing clients beyond the construction-only realm ADCO Consulting provides comprehensive architectural, engineering and construction related services such as;

  • Expert Witness Testimonies for Trial, Arbitration and Deposition

  • Complete Bid Presentation

  • Forensic Analysis/Assessment

  • Scope of Work Development

  • Strategy Assistance

  • Allocations Evaluation

  • Defect Reports Formation and Response

  • Building Design Capabilities

  • Civil and Structural Engineering

Our experts gather forensic evidence to be used in complex, high-stakes and large-scale construction litigation. Our staff of architects, engineers, certified professionals and general contractors investigate, evaluate and develop construction protocol that can be utilized by our ADCO Construction team.

As a full-service construction consulting firm, ADCO Construction Consulting works with attorneys and insurance carriers to investigate construction claims; develop defect reports and responses; prepare scopes of work and cost estimates; develop allocations, and assist with strategy.

Our Engineering and Design Teams have extensive experience in the analysis and design of various structural types, including seismic design for educational buildings, hospitals, as well as superstructure and foundations for public, industrial, and residential buildings. They have thorough knowledge of design standards, project management, contract negotiations and bidding process consulting.

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